Happy Easter!

We wish you a safe and joyful Easter from all at St. Pauls Parish Church.

THOUGHT OF THE WEEK – A Mystery Beyond Words
The Easter message, this truly great news, is timelessly true, and so it is still a message for here and now. We can identify with each person in the story told by Saint John today. Do we, like Mary Magdalene, share with others the news of the resurrection? Do we run eagerly to the tomb, like Peter and John, to find out how and whether Jesus can still feature in our lives? Only rarely do we experience the Easter mystery – but we can catch some hint of the wonder of it from the Gospel stories. The message is that God does not forget or forsake us, and the darkest hour is just before the dawn.
On Easter morning, the stone was rolled away. Are our hearts like a tomb awaiting new life? Is anything holding us back from renewal of spirit? Is there any hint of addiction, any dark secret never shared with anyone. We can be sickened by our secrets. But as Pope Francis says, we are called to be people of joyful hope, not prophets of doom. Through the resurrection of Jesus, we get an infusion of hope and joy, and an invitation to share them by our way of living. I wish you all a happy Easter Season!!!