Collecting for the Food Bank

In collaboration with Churches Together/Broxbourne Food Bank, we have begun to collect food in the Parish.

A large box has been placed to the right of the altar for you to place your donations which will then be taken to the local food bank. Sadly there is an increasing need for us to support those less advantaged than us. As you may know donations should be tinned or dried foods with a good shelf life.

At present they also urgently need tinned fruit (400gms), tea bags (80’s), dried pasta (500gms), UHT milk (1 litre) and breakfast cereals.

We hope to continue this ‘love in action’ throughout the

year. If you are interested in volunteering to help at a Food Bank please see their website at Our Food bank coordinators are Fiona Barrett, Damian Osman and Ike Chisom

Donations to the Foodbank are most welcome