THE S&S CVO Cam Phaser Tool!

The 2023 HD® CVOs come with a lot of perks, and one major drawback: changing anything in the cam chest with Variable Valve Timing requires a special tool. Luckily, we’re are on it with the new Cam Phaser Tool!

The new S&S Cam Phaser Tool holds the cam phaser assembly in place to allow you to pull the Spool Valve Bolt and get access to the cam plate, oil pump, and, of course, the cam. If you’re planning to do any work inside the cam chest of these new HD® CVO models, you’re going to want to get one of these new tools on order today!


Find more info at the S&S Website, or get yours from your favorite dealer today!

Looking for even more New Stuff?

Hot engines rob power, and that’s the opposite of what the crew at S&S Cycle is all about. That’s why they developed their all-new Piston Cooling Jet Kits for 2017 and up HD® M8 engines. Their Patent-Pending Dual Spray Technology allows the jet to spray evenly on both the piston’s intake and exhaust sides, creating an engine that runs cooler, generates more power, and improves durability.