Feb 15th 2023

When Buell Motorcycles approached us about creating the Super Cruiser, it was almost as if the bike was conjuring itself into existence. Buell wanted a high-performance cruiser, and we had the idea in place from the first phone call. From the initial sketch, it was a go. Now, all that was left was everything, as the RSD team dove into how to create the idea in the flesh.

The first and core problem they had to get right was the chassis design. The motor was wider than they wanted, as it was an offset V, and they didn’t want to build an asymmetrical frame. The team played with many ideas, even going as far as designing an aluminum Buell-ish chassis idea. But in the end, they went with Chromo as it was a cruiser and they liked it. The design was V-ed down to meet the motor mounts between the V. The width ended up looking correct, so they went with it. The back of the chassis was lowered to 28” in the seating area, knowing they would add an inch to the seat, getting a Buell-specified 29” seat height.

Next up was getting the fuel tank to fit over the airbox and ensuring there was plenty of fuel volume. They ended up with a 4-gallon tank that was in spec. The RSD riser system was used to get the bars up to a proper and aggressive height, both comfortable and ripable. Sheet metal was used to create the fuel tank, dash, and rear fender.

The Super Cruiser features the Buell 1190 SX powerplant, intake and throttle bodies, providing 180 horsepower, and a lightweight 450-pound chassis. It boasts a relaxed yet aggressive geometry, with a rear swingarm mount in the stock location to the stock powerplant. The rear wheel, brake caliper, and rotor, front fork, front brake, rotor, and master cylinder, front fender, electronics, dash (RSD custom mounted), and switches, grips, foot controls and pegs (RSD modified backing plates), and kickstand (RSD modified) are all Buell 1190 SX stock parts.

The Super Cruiser also features RSD-made parts, including a built chromoly steel chassis, a machined top triple clamp, Sector 12” sector risers in black anodized, an exhaust system utilizing Buell exit tubes and SC projects x RSD exhaust can, and a tapered aluminum radiator in the raw. The rear turn signals and integrated rear tag bracket are also RSD-made. The Super Cruiser also features a Saddleman custom seat, a Penske rear shock built and tuned by GP suspension, a front fork built and lengthened by GP suspension, a Memphis Shades front fairing, and a 5.5” LED headlight.

Stock Buell Parts:

  • Engine: Buell 1190 SX powerplant, intake and throttle bodies (180 HP)
  • Airbox: Buell 1190 SX lower airbox (custom modified top airbox lid)
  • Swingarm: Buell 1190 SX swingarm mounts in stock location to the stock powerplant
  • Rear Wheel: Buell 1190 SX rear wheel, brake caliper and rotor
  • Front Fork: Buell 1190 SX front fork (extended), stock lower triple and stem including hardware
  • Front Brake: Buell 1190 SX front brake, rotor and master cylinder
  • Front Fender: Buell 1190 SX front fender
  • Electronics: Buell 1190 SX electronics, dash (RSD custom mounted) and switches
  • Grips: Buell 1190 SX grips
  • Foot Controls: Buell 1190 SX foot controls and pegs with (RSD modified backing plates)
  • Kickstand: Buell 1190 SX kickstand (RSD modified)

RSD Made Parts:

  • Chassis: RSD built chromoly steel chassis with relaxed yet aggressive geometry
  • Fuel Tank and Fender: RSD built sheet metal fuel tank, dash and rear fender
  • Top Triple Clamp: RSD machined top triple clamp
  • Risers: RSD machined Sector 12” sector risers in black anodized
  • Exhaust: RSD built exhaust system utilizing Buell exit tubes and SC projects x RSD exhaust can
  • Radiator: RSD built tapered aluminum radiator in the raw
  • Turn Signals: RSD rear turn signals and integrated rear tag bracket

Other Features:

“The Super Cruiser has the potential to be revolutionary and redefine the cruiser segment. It’s a bike that’s been begging to be built, and we’re excited to see how riders will receive it.” – Roland Sands

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